Another milestone!

This month marks two years since I registered my baby  – This deserves a little personal Hurrah moment!  I beat the statistics that most bloggers give up within the first year! Insert victory dance here!  

Travel Agent or Google it

Disclaimer: Please note that I am a travel/sales consultant and have been so for over 15 years now ! There is a belief that travel agents are a dying breed, dinosaurs of the travel industry so to speak – Love them or hate them, they still do exist. The travel agent remains of value to … Continue reading

From the Vault – Copacabana – Bolivia

  A flashback to our first backpack trip – BC (before children) – An amazing trip through parts of South America brought us to the town of Copacabana in Bolivia – on the edge of Lake Titicaca – The Church of the Virgin of Copacabana being one of the highlights of the own.  I just … Continue reading

Phillip Island – Penguins, Koalas and so much more

The idea of visiting Phillip Island, was at first met with a lukewarm response  – having been to Phillip Island several times over the years I was a little blasé about it.  In my mind it represented the hoards of  tourist coaches that depart Melbourne daily to tick off their Australian bucket list: Koalas and Penguins. … Continue reading

Amsterdam treats!

As a travelling family, the difficulty often is finding suitable eateries that will ensure kids eat more than the regular bowl of chips and chicken nuggets.  It has to be appealing the child’s sometimes fussy taste buds.  The top end fancy eateries are great,  and I would frequent them more often, if it were not … Continue reading