Amsterdam, Nemo and kinetic sand…

During our very short time in Amsterdam, one of the days was spent winding our way through the streets of Amsterdam till we reached the Nemo Museum (not the fish kind)  – Amsterdam’s best spot for kids…a science centre. The Nemo building itself can be seen well before you reach it, the distinct colour and … Continue reading

2015 Travel hit list by Lonely Planet

 We all have our own travel bucket list, and if you are anything like me they change on a regular basis depending on my mood and the latest itinerary I designed at work… Lonely Planet has just released their top 2015 selections in various categories, worth a read to inspire you for your next travel … Continue reading

Lions of the Masai Mara

I’ve been inspired to share these photos by a colleague (when asked questions about a Kenya trip I did about 4 years ago ) as well as a recent post by Madhu @ The Urge to Wander  – As I was scrolling though my pictures for some information about a trip, I found these amazing shots … Continue reading

Planes, Kids and Bubble Gum

It has dawned on me that though I spent more time with child number one, teaching, playing and ensuring all milestones were noted and celebrated – it appears Master No 2 – SJ,  got far less attention.  Somehow he just plodded along. He passed most of his milestones almost under the radar – and I … Continue reading

Another milestone!

This month marks two years since I registered my baby  – This deserves a little personal Hurrah moment!  I beat the statistics that most bloggers give up within the first year! Insert victory dance here!