Amsterdam treats!

As a travelling family, the difficulty often is finding suitable eateries that will ensure kids eat more than the regular bowl of chips and chicken nuggets.  It has to be appealing the child’s sometimes fussy taste buds.  The top end fancy eateries are great,  and I would frequent them more often, if it were not … Continue reading

Did you know…

Did you know that today is World Elephant Day – 12th of August! I adore elephants, I was charged by one in Zimbabwe many years ago whilst on a walking safari and since I’ve  lived to tell the tale, I have made them my lucky charm. How could you not love elephants, they are magnificent creatures … Continue reading

Question time!

  The Travelling Frenchies  are continually plotting their next family holiday – and judging by how busy I am at work , we are not the only ones! So the idea of creating a post on a regular basis which will allow you to ask me, the travel agent, any questions you might have in relation … Continue reading

Power up or loose it!

 This may not be the most exciting post for most of you travellers out there, but it could save you from losing your travel gadgets and phone. As the aviation industry tries to stay one step ahead, new restrictions have been put in place for travellers heading to  the US, UK and Canada. If you are … Continue reading

A place to stay – Amsterdam

The ticket into Amsterdam and out of Paris was booked with Malaysian airlines, three weeks leave approved for both Mr. Techno and myself and then the itinerary planning truly began almost a year ago now… however as I read and searched websites for a hotel that was well located which also would offer a quad … Continue reading